Hose workshop

Our own hose workshop with an extensive selection of hoses and fittings.

Our hoses are always made of quality products.

Hoses from our workshop are always designed to meet customer needs, as well as national and international quality standards.

We always have several kinds of hose types in stock that can handle different working pressures. In addition, we also have a large stock of fittings.


We also come and measure hoses so we make sure the new hoses fit.


Our hoses are always labeled so we can identify them later.

A new hose can be made exclusively from our labeling, so it is not necessary to remove the hose before it is replaced – this can ensure crucial uptime and allow for a more flexible planning of the repair.

Pressure Testing

If desired or required, we can offer to pressure test the hoses

Parker certified hose operator

All our hose operators has been through the Parker Hannifin hydraulic hose trainning.